Is Thailand safe?

Generally, the Kingdom of Thailand is a safe place to travel to, but it is good to be cautious, especially when you are a foreigner and visiting alone. Attacks by travelers are relatively rare in Thailand, but it does happen.

Possession of drugs can result in a year or more in prison. The penalty for drug traffic is execution. Ignore all offers of free shopping or tourist assistance from strangers. These are scams that invariably charge a commission on your purchases.


Attacks on travelers are relatively rare in Thailand, but it does happen. Making a Thai person “lose face” can sometimes provoke a violent and inexplicably strong reaction. Alcohol is often the primary contributor to poor choices and poor outcomes.

Border issues and hot spots

Thailand now maintains friendly relations with its neighbors, and most of the land borders are fully functional passages for goods and people.

Possession of drugs

The diverted atmosphere of Thailand is a strict punishment for possession and trafficking of drugs, which is not relaxed for foreigners. It is not legal to sell, buy or possess heroin, amphetamines, and marijuana. 

Possession of drugs can result in at least a year or more in prison. Drug trafficking – defined as an attempt to cross a border with drugs in your possession – carries considerably higher penalties, including the death penalty.


This can be so friendly and laid back that some visitors fall asleep in a false sense of security, making them vulnerable to scams of all kinds. Bangkok also has problems with fraud. The frauds involved deceiving travelers into believing that they have made a friend and that they are getting a good deal, when in fact they are being ripped off.

All offers of free shopping or tourist assistance from strangers should be ignored. They will invariably charge a commission on your purchases.

Theft and fraud

Be diligent with your personal belongings. Make sure your room is locked and carry your most important belongings (passport, money, credit cards) with you. Be careful when leaving valuables in a safe.

To avoid losing all of your travel money in an instant, use a credit card that is not directly linked to your bank account so that the operator does not have access to immediate funds.


Boasting is a long tradition in Asia, and although Thailand does not have as many touts as, say, India, it has its share. In Bangkok, touts often take newcomers to high-pressure guesthouses that pay a commission to the touts.

Travel agencies are known to encourage newly arrived tourists to stay in poorly located and overpriced hotels through commissions. Some travel agencies pose as TAT, the government-funded tourist information office.

How do I get around?

A tuk-tuk trip is an essential Thai travel experience and you are sure to use these noisy vehicles, to get around, especially in Bangkok. Fares are the same regardless of the number of passengers, so team up with one or two (three is the safest maximum) of other travelers to save money. 

Accept the fare before you leave (expect to pay 100-150 baht for short trips in Bangkok) and make sure you have the money ready on arrival.

Thailand is a big country and the distances between the big cities can be long (700 km from Bangkok to Chiang Mai). A bus or night train is a good way to get from A to B while saving the money to pay for an inn.

Night trains are operated by the State Railway of Thailand and operate on four useful routes from Bangkok, including services to Ayutthaya, Chiang Mai and Surat Thani (a departure point for many southern islands).

First-class cabins are configured for two people, so book them only if you are happy to share with a stranger. Bring snacks and drinks and settle in for a long trip.


Generally, Thailand is a safe place to visit especially for tourism. You will experience lots of fun activities in Thailand. In spite of a few criminal activities that happen from time to time, you will have a wonderful tourist vacation in Thailand. Always try to play it safe when you are in Thailand, do not engage in a fight or listen to touts. Obey all the rules and regulations set by the government of Thailand.